We provide solutions to grow and expand your 340B program.

Our team of industry experts provide comprehensive strategies that are customized to our covered-entity partner’s needs and goals.

At KNU-Co Consulting, we center our services around YOU.

We’re committed to inclusiveness and understanding your diverse needs. We consult with industry experts to optimize outcomes for all communities and support entities from accessing the 340B program to supporting entities that have complex programs.

Our Services

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Entity-Owned Pharmacy Management

Effective pharmacy management is key to patient care.

Our tailored services boost efficiency and ensure patients get the best outcomes.

340B Program Solutions

We get to know your organization – understanding your needs, challenges, and goals.

We’re all about personalized strategies that match your mission and compliance needs.

Comprehensive Support

Our commitment extends from the initiation phase of your program, guiding you through the complexities, to handling advanced challenges in complex 340B programs.

Business Administration Support

We specialize in ensuring that your program complies with regulations and thrives as a well-administered and strategically marketed initiative.

About KNU-Co Consulting, Inc.

Established in 2023, KNU-Co Consulting is a comprehensive organization dedicated to assisting community entities in leveraging 340B cost savings for enhanced efficiency and growth. Our services encompass HRSA compliance, program expansion, grant management, pharmacy operations, and business administration services to grow your 340B program with sustainable, compliant strategies.

Our Expertise

Whether it’s pharmacy management, compliance, or efficient policies, we tailor solutions for you.
  • Getting Started in the 340B Program
  • Grant Review and Expansion
  • Entity-Owned Pharmacy Management
  • Contract Pharmacy Services & Oversight
  • Compliance Support
  • Policy & Procedure Development
  • Internal and External Auditing
  • 340B Program Administration & TPA Services
  • Clinical Support & Services
  • Business Administration
  • Marketing & Outreach
  • Accounting & Finance Support
  • Software Development for Clinic Data Optimization